About the Company

Balli Development Group is a luxury custom home developer in South Florida that specializes in developing beautiful one-of-a-kind estates with the home owner in mind. We are committed to developing thoughtfully-planned, architecturally significant homes in the high-end residential market that meet the needs and lifestyle of a discerning homeowner. With over 35 years of experience in the industry, we excel in the acquisition of land, planning, construction and design phases of bringing a home to life. We have completed and sold over 150 homes and have many home projects in development, working alongside Balli Construction, Balli-Trautman Architects, and Balli Design.

Work With Us

Balli Development Group has a comprehensive integrated development process in which it works with architects, builders, and interior designers to build homes that exhibit excellence in design and quality in construction. We encourage potential homebuyers to become involved as early as possible in the construction process to share in the conception, creation, and completion of their custom home, whether they are looking for property or already own land they are looking to develop. By purchasing early, this allows homeowners to work with our team of designers in choosing materials, finishes, appliances and custom furniture. At all stages of development, our team has the experience and the knowledge to help clients build the home fit for their lifestyle.

Giorgio Balli


Giorgio Balli is the founding member of Balli Development Group and its partnering companies: Balli Construction, Balli-Trautman Architects and Balli Interior Design. He grew up in Miami, FL, where his passion for architecture originated. Working alongside his father after graduating from the University of Miami’s School of Architecture enabled his skills to flourish in both architecture and construction at an early age. His father, Giorgio Balli Sr., is responsible for the design and construction of a majority of the houses in Cocoplum, a private development community in Coral Gables, FL, which emerged in the late 80’s.

Since then, Giorgio has built a collection of companies around the real estate development industry. He is licensed as both an Architect and a Building Contractor, with a strong knowledge of the real estate market. Giorgio has been the vision and driving force of the completion of over 150 custom homes in areas such as Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Miami Beach, Pinecrest and South Miami. Giorgio specializes in single-family residences that boast unparalleled design and unique features. With 30 years of experience, he is known as one of South Florida’s leading custom home builders, featuring homes that have sold at record-breaking prices.

Stefano Balli

Director of Acquisitions

Stefano Balli, born and raised in Miami, FL, is the Director of Acquisitions for Balli Development Group. He is responsible for exploring potential development opportunities and analyzing their feasibility. He earned dual Bachelors of Business Administration Degrees from Florida International University, specialized in Finance and Real Estate. Stefano also holds a Florida Real Estate Sales Associate license and is associated with Prestige Realty Group, LLC. He shares his father’s passion for real estate development and values the importance of the process.

Adi Balli

Interior Designer

Adi Balli is the Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Balli Interior Design. She is an extremely skilled interior designer with over 20 years of experience in architecture, construction and product design. Adi graduated from the University of Miami’s School of Architecture and began to work with Giorgio designing the interior spaces of client homes. Since then, Adi has been able to incorporate trends from all around the globe for over 100 custom homes. She has been able to provide clients with the latest features in all aspects of interior design, including lighting, plumbing, furniture and accessories. Her projects range from South Florida to Saudi Arabia and are not limited to homes, as she has worked on both yachts and private aircrafts. Adi is well known for her custom approach to interior design and her sense of subtle luxury. She provides Balli Development Group’s projects a competitive edge amongst the competition.


“Our initial relationship with Giorgio Balli was as client and architect. We were so pleased that he was able to grasp our design concept and design the home that we had dreamed of for many years! Initially, we were reluctant to have Giorgio also work as our general contractor but in the end the decision to work with him was the best decision that we made! We spent three years working with Giorgio and the end result was beyond our expectation. It all comes down to vision, integrity, trust, quality and delivery – Giorgio Balli is the whole package and the real thing.”

The Vecchitto Family

“Even with an active seven-year-old son on the loose, Giorgio Balli’s entire organization was considerate, cautious and careful to be sure that our safety and privacy was protected at all times. The finished product reflects every moment of that care! ”

The Wells Family

“Our project was completed even quicker than we thought! Giorgio Balli did a wonderful job and put so much thought into every detail.”

The Birnbaum Family

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